Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lemon Juice and Rebounding - What does this have to do with weight loss ?

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Join me as I interview my personal health coach Angelle Batten from www.NourishMD.com as we discuss what Lemon Juice and Rebounding has done for me on the TimeOutMom Blog Talk Radio Show.

REAL HEALTH FOR MOMS isn't about just making it through the day. It's about thriving physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. As moms we often put ourselves last when it comes to taking our health. Let Holistic Health Coach Angelle Batten show you how to take care of your whole self by making manageable changes each week so you can achieve REAL Health. Taking care of yourself is the greatest gift you can give your family so give yourself a half hour each week to learn HOW to be your healthiest self!

The Fat Flush for Life by Ann Louise Gittleman reinforces concepts that Angelle teaches me like drinking hot lemon water and rebounding. Rebounding = The single best way to to cleanse the lymphatic system. NASA Study shows rebounding is 70 percent more efffecitve than jogging for calorie burning and rebounding is the best exercise to build bone density. Hot LEMON Water 1st thing in the Morning before anything else in the Morning is a MUST. This helps to help complete the cleansing process that has been going on during the night. Drink hot water with lemon first thing upon rising to gently help flush your liver and kidneys of accumulated toxins and waste.

***THANKS*** To Holistic Health Coach Angelle Batten of www.NourishMD.com