Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Summer Family Fun Time: The African Lion Safari Adventure

We had a great time at the African Lion Safari. We brought our three kids ages 11, 9, and 2 plus two of their friends ages 11 and 9. Our biggest regret was that we did not get there right when it opened at 10:00am! They have the Animal Game Reserve, The Elephant Ride, Pony Rides, a Play Center, an awesome 2-part splash pad (one for the little ones and toddlers and one area for the bigger kids), Live Animal Shows, a Train Ride, and the African Queen Boat Ride.

We decided to drive through the Animal Game Reserve (9km)first. We debated on taking the Safari Bus, but my husband went here as a child and insisted that we take our minivan through because sometimes the animals walk right up to your window! My husband was right! This was incredible! We had giraffees, baboons, emus, and zebras right at our car window. The kids were going crazy and were super excited. Our littlest, 2.5 year old Jonathan, wanted to take them home with us!

Highly Recommended is the Elephant Ride! It is only $5 per person and you can see here that Mack and Maria had a great time. I am so sorry that Jonathan was napping during this - I wish we had done this earlier in the day. Our kids were literally the last kids to ride the elephants.

The African Queen Boat Ride was fun for all on a slow moving pontoon boat took us around to areas we hadn't seen before to see various endangered species that have been rescued, some breed in captivity, and some that get reintroduced to the wild. There is an impressive list on the African Lion Safari Website:

*Note: We regret that we did not go to information center right from the start and get the entire schedule of events for the entire day and plan out our day a bit better. We had no idea there was so much to do! WWe had a fantastic time and will be making this an annual family event! Be sure to plan on getting there at open and staying until close - that is the only way you will fit everything in!

African Lion Safari Information: Address: 1386 Cooper Road, Flamborough, Ontario Canada

African Lion Safari is a Canadian owned family business created in the name of conservation. Our manner of exhibiting animals is completely different from the traditional approach; that is, the visitor is caged in the car, and the animals roam in 2 to 20 hectare (5 to 50 acre) reserves.

They first opened the gates to the public in 1969 with 40 lions in 3 reserves; today the park houses in excess of 1000 animals of over 100 species. After 40 years we have been successful with breeding 30 species that are considered endangered, and 20 or more species that are considered threatened. The original idea of "maintaining self-sustaining populations of species in decline" is still our priority.

Admission $29.95 each / $19.95 children (ages 3-12) Safari Bus Ride $4.95 / $4.75 children (ages 3-12)

Lay's Chips Trips Information:
*The offer we used for this trip was: Buy one Adult Admission and get $10 off your 2nd Admission. Limit - one coupon per family.

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