Monday, July 19, 2010

Have you heard the term "Raw Food" ? Do you want to know more ?

"If you want a big life... the kind of life you dream of, it starts with big energy, and I have found no greater tool to infuse my body with ridiculous amounts of energy, than living raw foods." ~Pam Sterling

Pam Sterling is passionate about inspiring people to live with outrageous joy. She believes this is the way we are all meant to live and she believes that the well-being of our 3 homes – Heart, hearth, and Earth – influences our ability to do so. Pam lives in Southern California where she is inspired by it’s beauty every day. She loves it all, from the beautiful hills and beaches of laguna beach to the warm evening air of the desert.

Pam Sterling's Business
Pam is a highly sought after raw food teacher, speaker and coach and believes that raw food is a power tool in the tool kit for creating the life we love to live. Every day she gets to inspire people to live with Outrageous Joy and invite people to higher levels of well-being. Pam is one of 50 Women profiled in the book, Hot Rich and Green, by Rebecca Harell Tickell, and she believes that eating living raw foods, and introducing others to raw foods in the most important single thing she has done to green the planet.

Pam's Upcoming Raw Food Class
This 30-day raw food adventure supports you every step of the way of implementing a 75% – 100% raw food diet (fruits and vegetables, seeds and nuts). I will show you how to get started and how to keep it going. Your 30-day adventure includes:
  • A weekly tele-conference call
  • A half hour one-on-one coaching session with me
  • A Raw Food Starter Kit
  • 30 Outrageous Joy Raw Food Recipes with menu suggestions
  • How-To Videos
  • Intention Partners for daily support and inspiration
To hear about this adventure and What is Raw Food - Listen in as I chat with Pam today on the TimeOutMom Blog Talk Radio Show.

For more information about Pam Sterling and all of her wonderful classes and coaching about Detox, Raw Food, + more

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